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William Wordsworth Critical Essays

In between the and versions, there are numerous drafts and sketches, some of them of the whole poem, while others are short passages or merely a few lines. Book 10 continues his discussion of his visit to France, including a second visit to Paris while the Reign of Terror is in full cry and the denunciation of Maximilien Robespierre takes place.

One day as he wanders with his new friends in the countryside, he comes across a hunger-bitten peasant girl, so downtrodden that she resembles the cattle she is tending. Even so, in stanza 3, his sadness at his lost childhood joys is changed to joy when he sees springtime and thinks of shepherd boys.

Accessed 22 May Later in this book, he recounts his meeting with a tattered soldier returned from military service in the tropics and how he helped him find shelter in a cottage nearby. Before his beloved son leaves, Michael takes him to a place on the farm where he has collected a heap of stones.

In linesthe speaker says that his memory of this pure, natural place had been of comfort to him when he was far away. In reading any poem, it is important to define its dramatic situation and to consider the text as if it were a scene from a play or drama and determine who is speaking, to whom, and under what circumstances.

The infant at birth comes from God, and at the moment when life begins the infant is still close to its divine origin. Married Fanny Graham and had four children: Michael is a sentimental hero whose unspoiled contact with nature has refined his human nature and made him a good man.

If, as the preface argues, people are morally best when most natural, uncorrupted by false custom and education, then the normal process of growing up in the modern world must be a kind of falling away from natural grace. Although the poem is autobiographical, so that the speaker resembles Wordsworth himself and the sister resembles Dorothy Wordsworth, it is better to think of the speaker and his listener as two invented characters in a little play.

She was a woman of a stirring life, whose heart was in her house. The wanderer looks over the scene and has a sense of the presence of divinity. Thomas Wordsworth 15 June — 1 December His hostile interactions with them distressed him to the point of contemplating suicide.

The poem shows how the primitive feelings of the boy are generated by the forms of nature and then form more and more complex ideas until his whole adult sense of good and bad, right and wrong, can be traced back to his elementary childish experiences of nature.

Reason merely recognizes what the child knows directly from his feelings. William "Willy" Wordsworth 12 May — Having lost the innocent joy of primitive youth and having lost faith in the political aims of the French Revolution, where can the soul be restored?

Even so, his work has been the subject of sharp controversy from its first publication until the present. Book 11 in the text book 12 in the version considers how one may rise from spiritual desolation: A second kind of primitivism in the preface is psychological.

The poem displays many of the ideas stated in the preface to the Lyrical Ballads. Wordsworth made his debut as a writer in when he published a sonnet in The European Magazine.

William Wordsworth is an English romantic poet who invented an absolutely new poetry style where nature and the way of thought expressing of a simple person are combined due to a stylized and at the same time formal language.

Social primitivism was, of course, one of the driving forces behind the French Revolution. That pile of rocks was a solemn promise of father and son. On 4 October, following his visit with Dorothy to France to arrange matters with Annette, Wordsworth married his childhood friend Mary Hutchinson.

The dissolute city, on the other hand, is confusing, and there Luke goes astray. To experience the situation deeper he found nature as one of the best variants for symbolizing the wider meaning of this poem.

This will be a covenant or solemn agreement between the father and son: The Reign of Terror left Wordsworth thoroughly disillusioned with the French Revolution and the outbreak of armed hostilities between Britain and France prevented him from seeing Annette and his daughter for some years.

Inthe Scottish poet and playwright Joanna Baillie reflected on her long acquaintance with Wordsworth. The wanderer looks over the scene and has a sense of the presence of divinity. Much like a proverb, the poem ends with lesson. Wordsworth thus became the only poet laureate to write no official verses.

They had three other siblings: He sees a correspondence between the unspoiled nature of humankind and the naturalness of the environment. Some three years later, Isabel also dies, and the land is sold to a stranger. His beloved England, on the other hand, joined in armed opposition to the cause of liberty.When the volume of poetry called the Lyrical Ballads of was published in a second edition (), William Wordsworth wrote a prose preface for the book that is the single most important.

William Wordsworth

On Wednesday evening, 2 DecemberWilliam Wordsworth wrote to his friend Robert Southey about the death of Thomas Wordsworth, the poet’s six-year-old son, the previous day. The simplicity and directness of this letter communicate Wordsworth’s sorrow with great power and integrity.

william wordsworth essays William Wordsworth Throughout the Romantic Period there were many excellent poets, but one is called the greatest. William Wordsworth was born in in the town of Cockermouth, England.

Wordsworth was. For Wordsworth, through his poetry, explores himself: his thoughts, motives and feelings; in short Wordsworth poetry is in essence an exploration of the soul not of the mind and it is because of this that his poetry is so profound, so fluid and so “Romantic” in nature.

In his poem "London, " Wordsworth writes that humanity had lost its virtues and morality. He asks the deceased poet John Milton to come back and teach the world how to live. Study Guide for Wordsworth’s Poetical Works.

Wordsworth's Poetical Works study guide contains a biography of William Wordsworth, literature essays, quiz questions. - William Wordsworth William Wordsworth was born April 7,at Cockermouth in Cumberland, England.

William Wordsworth Critical Essays

His poetry, and especially his poems on solitude, must have been heavily influenced by the death of his mother and the splitting up of his family when he was only eight (Kilvert 1).

William wordsworth a study of his poetry essay
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